PUSD Responds to Students Exhibiting Covid-19-Type Symptoms, Monday, Oct. 19th.
Read Supt. Wallen's letter regarding the School District's reponse in the document below.

Community Letter Oct. 21, 2020


Thank you Anne Martin for the passion, dedication and love you give to the students, teachers and staff at Page High School.

We recognize and appreciate everything you do!

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   New procedures and guidelines will be in place for high school students when they return to in-person classes on Monday, Oct.         12th.  Those procedures and guidelines are listed in the letter below, and you'll also find a drop-off/pick-up map.

Important Information
In Person Drop Off Map
Learning Preference Letter
Bell Schedule

Creating a Productive Home Study Area

During the time of Covid-19 and remote learning, having an effective home study space has never been more important for your child’s academic success. Even after the school district moves to a hybrid model on October 15th, with students returning to their classrooms for part of the week, students will still be attending class virtually three days a week.

With that in mind we have put together a list of things you can do to create a productive study space at home.


Have a Designated Study Area

 It is beneficial to your student if you have an area in your house set aside specifically as the place your student goes when he or she logs onto their device and attends class virtually. Having a specific study area will help keep that area clutter- and distraction-free.

The study area should be at a desk or table. Sitting at the desk or table will help your student pay attention, stay engaged and stay on task. Try to avoid letting your student attend virtual classes while sitting on a couch or while lying in bed. This promotes laziness and leads to inattention. A student may have a tendency to fall asleep if they attend their virtual class while lying in bed, or leaning back on a couch.

The study area should be quiet, spacious enough to contain the computer device and study items such as pens, notebooks, rulers, etc., without feeling cramped.

Try to set the study area off from the rest of the house. If your child has their own room, you can turn part of it into their study area. If your student’s study area is in their room, check in on them from time to time to ensure they’re at their desk, and participating in the virtual classroom.

If you set up the study area in a room in the house that is shared space, try to enclose the space with furniture, plants or portable walls.

The study area should have ample, comfortable lighting.

 It’s okay to let your student personalize their study. Allow them to have fun items in your study area such as posters, artwork, banners and plants.


Keep Your Study Area Clean and Clutter Free

The study area should have its own small waste basket.

As part of the preparation routine, empty the wastebasket at the end of each day.


Prepare for Class Ahead of Time

Have your student take a few minutes before his or her class begins to get it ready. Have them clean it, and organize their study supplies.

Fill a water bottle ahead of time so they won’t have to leave to get a drink in the middle of class.

It’s okay to have a few snacks available. Try to avoid snacks that are messy.


Remove Distractions from the Study Area

The study area should contain no toys. Your child’s phone should be kept in a separate room so they’re not tempted to look at it. Only have open tabs on your device needed for the classroom.

If the area around your child’s study area is too noisy, have them use headphones during class time to block the outside noise.

Other family members need to be mindful of the student and not make the surrounding environment too noisy, too busy or too chaotic. Remind the family members to be respectful of the student’s space and time.


Dress for Success

Since you’re attending class on-line, it may not seem important or necessary to get dressed up. But studies show that students who dress as if they’re attending in-person school, treat the virtual classroom experience more seriously, and makes them feel prepared and ready for the day. This should also include attire that won’t be seen on the monitor, i.e. pants, shoes and socks.


Stay Organized

Find a method that works for your student to help him or her stay on task and keep track of their assignments. Have a list of their classes and what days and times are taught. Keep a to-do list.

Some students do better with traditional paper calendars and planners, while others do better with an online planner, such as Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.

As a parent, check in with your student regularly to determine if they’re turning in their assignments, completing their tests and participating in class. PowerSchool, which is used by PUSD schools, has several tools for parents to track all of the above and more.


Create a Routine and Stick to It

Creating and maintaining a daily routine is a great tool for helping your child stay organized and focused. Wake up at the same time every day. Eat breakfast, brush your teeth, and take a shower if that’s a part of your normal morning routine.

In the afternoon or evening, have designated times to do your homework.

Going to bed at the same time every night will set up the following day to begin successfully.



One great advantage of in-person learning is that your student can leave it at the end of the day. Even though your child may have homework to do when they get home, attending in-person school helps create a healthy school/life balance. When attending school virtually from you home, attaining that school/life balance is harder.

Another advantage of having a separate and designated home study area is that it is easier to find that school/life balance. When classes are done, have your child go outside and play, or engage with family members in an activity and in an area outside the home study area.

Dear Sand Devil Families,                                               

Greetings, Yá'át'ééh.  As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, Page High School continues our commitment to high quality teaching and learning within a safe and healthy learning environment. 

The Sand Devil staff is working hard to prepare for learning that meets the needs of all students.  Remote teaching and learning is a new experience for all of us; however, we have been preparing for this new learning environment all summer.  Our teachers and instructional staff are involved in a 7 day training starting July 30.  This training will allow all to be prepared to deliver high quality teaching that will result in continued learning. 

I want to thank each of you for the key role you played last spring to keep your child connected to learning and earning credits.  You will continue to play a very important role in your child’s education as we go through school year 2020-2021.  Make sure that PHS has your current contact information in PowerSchool. Contact Mikaila Yellowhair (our attendance clerk and front office receptionist) at 928-608-4135 or Kristy Rivers (our registrar) at 928-608-4142 to verify your phone number, email address, and mailing address.

Our first day of school is August 10th and we will begin the school year in remote learning. The Remote Learning Schedule is included in this letter. Remote learning does not mean that your child is online the entire school day. Remote learning does mean your child should stay connected to their learning from 8:00am-3:00pm(lunch is 12:30-1:00). Expect your child to be completing independent practice, working on projects, meeting with teachers or counselors during office hours, or working offline. 

Your child will receive an email (through their school gmail account) that includes their Google Classroom class codes.  An email will be sent from each of their teachers. These emails will be sent on August 6th. The first two days of school (August 10th-11th) will be focused on school-wide lessons that allow our students to become familiar with the new learning environment. Content learning will begin on August 12th.

Students will use the A/B calendar to attend their classes.  August 10th is an A day; students will attend periods 1,2,4, and 5. August 11th is a B day; students will attend periods 6, 7, 9, and 10.  The A/B days rotate back-and-forth each day.  (See our A/B calendar included in this mailing.)  We are working on a schedule for students to attend their Student Advisory class.  Details will be communicated as they are developed.

Chromebooks and learning supplies were distributed August 3rd-5th.  If you were unable to pick up those items, call the school office at 928-608-4135.We will do our best to have things ready for you when you are able to stop by the office.  Please call before you come in.

We look forward to serving you this school year.

Your voice is very important to us as we prepare for a safe and productive learning experience for your student.  

Anne Martin, Principal

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Stay healthy and take care, Sand Devils.

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