Green Hogan
Our school received $150,000 in funding to start a green technologies education program within the Career and Technical Education department. With these monies, we will offer dual credits from Coconino Community College (CCC) through the Drafting and Construction Programs. During the 2010-2011 school year, PHS will offer a course that will include three CCC classes with a green technologies focus. The focus of this class will be solar and wind power applications, green home design concepts, and rainwater harvest systems. Students who choose this class will have an added bonus, a hands-on construction project where they will design and build a green structure on the PHS campus.

The green technology students will be constructing a traditional Navajo home, a hogan, with a modern green twist! The hogan will be built of energy efficient materials that are acquired locally such as straw bales and flexcrete, a byproduct of the SRP coal plant and produced in Page, AZ. In addition, this building will incorporate solar design to create its own electricity and a rainwater harvest catchment system, which will provide water for landscaping. 

Students of the green technologies program will find themselves involved in cross-curricular relevant learning activities through many other core academic subjects. In fact, Mr. Vander Wiel, our Drafting and Construction teacher and Mr. Sisson, from the math department have already collaborated with their students to study sun angles at the potential building site. Next, students from Drafting lll will be collaborating with Mrs. Begay's Navajo Language and Culture program to incorporate culturally appropriate features and ceremonial building traditions into the architectural plans of the green prototype hogan.

The project goal is to excite and educate students and community members to the potential of green design and green career options through a hands-on approach where students design and build a structure that will demonstrate a sustainable housing option; a prototype green hogan home!

Students interested in the green technologies program contact your class counselors spring semester! Viewers may follow the project's monthly progress on the PUSD website by clicking the 'News' button! Coming in December, "Why build with straw bales?"

For more information on this program, please view this article on the ACTE of AZ website.